We are an SEO agency that believes businesses of all sizes should have affordable access to enterprise level SEO services.

A Boise Idaho SEO Company

Structured SEO is a results driven search engine optimization (SEO) company. Our goal is helping your businesses improve its bottom line by improving your websites web rankings. Our focus is on return on investment (ROI). We do this by identifying and focusing on ranking your website for keywords that potential customers use to search for your products or services.

What Can You Expect from an SEO Company?

An SEO company should understand your business’s goals and what role you expect the SEO company to take in helping you reach them. Not every business has the same goals because not every business makes money the same way.  Why? Because successful companies have created their own unique business model that works for them. As an SEO company, Structured SEO’s focus is helping clients reach their goals.
SEO companies will offer many of the same services. Taking an overall view they should have experience in three main categories.

  1. Local SEO
  2. On-Page SEO
  3. Off-Page SEO

What is more important is how they execute these strategies.

What Our SEO Firm Can Do for You.

At Structured SEO we focus on 3 different activities that have been proven to get results content creation, link acquisition, reporting and data analysis. Our SEO process is designed to uncover the most valuable content in your industry and design an SEO strategy to target that content.

Our SEO Process

Our SEO process has been created from years of experience helping businesses improve their organic traffic and increase their ability to generate leads. This has allowed us to be able to design SEO strategies that helps our clients succeed.

Keyword Research

We focus our keyword research on terms that will help your business reach its goals by increasing organic traffic.

SEO Strategy

An SEO consultant will create an SEO strategy targeting the results of our keyword research.

On-page Optimization

Our SEO consultants scan your commercial pages and create a plan to help you make sure they are fully optimized.

Off-page Optimization

An SEO consultant will create a plan to help you secure quality backlinks from reputable sources.

Reporting & Analytics

We track everything and report them to you including an action report to keep you on track.

SEO Services That Boost Organic Traffic And Increase Revenue

Boise SEO Consulting Services

With our SEO Consulting Services you know we are here when you need us.

SEO Auditing Services

Learn how to improve your keyword ranking and organic traffic.

Local SEO Services

Increase your local visibility so potential customers can locate you.

What Makes Our SEO Agency Different

The problem with SEO companies today is they look at your site, run a generic site audit program and deliver that report to you with suggestions on how to fix the issues. Why is this a problem? These programs can’t answer the real question. How can I improve my ranking? Many of these suggestions won’t improve your ranking by themselves if at all.
These programs can’t analyze things such as site structure, competitors strategy or content quality. At Structured SEO we focus only on what needs to be done to help you accomplish your goals. We still report all the issues we find, but our main objective is improving your bottom line by improving your organic traffic.